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Spiritualism & non-organized religions

Australian Aboriginals

Mythology stories performed within each language across Australia.

Celtic religion

The beliefs, practices, and institutions of cosmology and eschatology. 


The modern Druids that live worldwide and the different factions.

Faeries & Elves

The use of the term faerie throughout history and the types found in folklore.

Herb dictionary

A witch’s herbal reference guide from A to Z.

Native American faiths

The vast range of Native American tribe spirituality beliefs.


Witchcraft in religions and cultures throughout the world.


The practise of scrying as hydromancy, oculomancy, or crystal gazing all used in the art of revelation. 

Witchcraft resource

Hearth Stone’s YouTube videos give insights on practising Wiccans.

* N.B. This is a one-stop-shop for a tonne of links that you might find useful or interesting - however, if you happen to notice any links that are no longer working, please feel free to shoot me an email so I know to update them! Thank you! 

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