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A Refill, Trust and Gratitude

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I recently came back from vacation, I had decided that regardless of what was going on in the world, I had to maintain some type of normalcy in my life and that meant doing something with my summer holiday; I would soon be back at the office and I knew that I would regret it if I did not try to make some memories for my family this year. I should stipulate that the current pandemic has already died down significantly in this part of the world, so it was not a decision I made that involved great risk.

I had found a fantastic deal to Greece, and off we went, to the island of Santorini, a place that I had always wanted to visit with all the sun, sand and ocean we could handle. The idea that my spiritual side could connect with my archaeological background as well was also thrilling; the prospect of visiting ancient ruins - the same remnants of a civilization that was likely the inspiration to Plato’s work ‘Atlantis’ was extremely appealing to me.

Civilization on this Cycladic island has been around for thousands of years, it is something you can really soak up and putting intention into the experience really helped to solidify the returns. I can think of three things I intentionally tried to manifest during the 10 days we spent in this beautiful place. The first was energy exchange, whereby I would lay on the sand like a beached whale and spend some time visualizing my connection to the earth and the universe; the energies coursing through my body, removing toxicity, all the while charging my energetical battery.

The second was a bit of a challenge. I was faced with several occasions where I had to practice blind trust in the universe – this was something I had promised I would become better at doing and this was a great opportunity! Issues that cropped up were mundane, like problems with WIFI connections or not being able to find an ATM that would accept my particular card – nonetheless, I recall telling myself, don’t panic, it will all work out”, I just had to keep my lines of communication open and pay attention when a direction came through…and by Jove it was hard to quiet the internal freak-outs so as to be able to focus on the voices, images and sensations that inevitably guides one through.. but I managed and I feel more confident now – at least a little!

The third and final recollection I have of what I tried to practice -and this was an easy one- was gratitude. Gratitude for being able to experience that lovely place, gratitude for my family and the kindness others showed to me on a daily basis… although in this respect, there is one thing I still cannot seem to remember, but really want to. I recently heard of a cool little practice (yes this is from watching one too many YouTube videos) that is supposedly very effective for attracting abundance into one’s life, I have always wanted to test it out, but still cannot seem to remember to do it when the occasion arises.

Apparently, by saying thank you when you spend and receive money in any amount one is able to manifest further abundance; this idea is based on the premise that if you change the vibration sent out when you spend or receive, to one of gratitude, universal law will mirror your vibration and send you more of the good stuff. This seems to make sense, since I noticed if you are sitting in a lack mentality, lack is what you will continue to experience… the same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum, even if a person does not strike you as someone who deserves all the wealth they have accrued. Nonetheless, this aspect of my journey is a work in progress…

Until next time lovely people!

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