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Tarot in the time of COVID-19

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Call me idealistic and completely crazy if you like, but I am ok with being labelled as "kooky" - at least I am not boring and I can look at myself in the mirror every morning.

So lock-down came and I was stuck at home like everyone else. It is was not like I did not have work to do for my actual day-job but time was crawling by and a million thoughts about life and who I was kept creeping into my mind. I found myself wondering about my place in the world and what I wanted to accomplish. The feelings were so overwhelming and they kept nagging at me... I knew I wanted to help others and continue learning, but my thoughts seemed a bit unrealistic.

Creativity is my bread and butter, I also love talking to people and giving advice, even if I do not always follow all my advice in my own life, I know I am good at being practical, empathetic; my ability to communicate is good. So, it dawned on me; the Tarot. I finally had the time and I was willing to put in the effort. I have already been reading tarot for 20 odd years and it is way more than a hobby, it blends into my core spiritual beliefs and my learning process. So I decided to take action, bringing a life-long passion to life, bringing it from the private realm to front and centre stage. I had no idea how much work this was going to be (the business side I mean)! The research, social media, setting up the site, SEO and marketing, even this blog! It was all so far from what this venture was actually about - The tarot and the people. But I am glad I did it, I have learned a lot more about the society we live in because of all this!

So, now onto smoother waters, I live in hope this venture will grow and that I can connect with some amazing, like-minded people, I have so many plans and I want to get out there and give my all to the fantastic tool that is tarot. So what's next? I would like to continue getting comfortable doing readings for strangers, then I will start recording some general readings for my YouTube channel and try to really insert myself into what seems like a loving and supportive community. I also have one last idea (so far) but it will take some doing, I want to start a spiritual book club; gathering a group of interested people, choosing a text relating to spirituality like one of Dolores Cannon's works and then get a Zoom group going to sit and chat and talk about the concepts. This is clearly a bigger bite than I can chew right now, but stay tuned!

Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog! My name is Isabell. I am the creator of Ambrosia Tarot. I am a writer and editor, a Leo sun, Aries Moon and Cancer rising. If you are interested in more content feel free to check out my website where you can access more blogs, learning resources, or my YouTube channel where at the end of each month, I post readings for the coming month, for each sign. I will also endeavor to upload mid-month check-in's (love & career). The schedule and all the information are listed on my channel! If you are simply wanting some recommendations for buying a deck, you can check out my store where you can find several decks such as these and so much more!

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