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New Year’s Resolutions by Elimination

Updated: Jan 3

So, it turns out that in my 40 odd years I have never really made any new year’s resolutions. I am not sure why, I suppose I’m a realist and never felt I would stick to something I had promised myself just because it was a new year. But this year is different. This year allowed for a very long period of reflection – just like with so many other people who were stuck at home. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to explore myself, even if I felt sad for all those suffering as a result of the Corona virus scourge that seems to have thrown us all into a sci-fi reality.

I learned that I can create what I set out to do. I can accomplish my dreams if I truly want to. I learned to appreciate myself so much more and I learned what it means to have confidence and boundaries as well as true self-respect. So, having realized all this, I was able to list out the changes I think might help to support this transformation; identification is only the first step after all, actioning is of course the true test.

Eating better to promote a better quality of life is number one… not eating to lose weight. Shedding those extra pounds has always been my goal in terms of changing my diet, but now I just want to eat in a way that promotes the best me. I did research for this, from reading Dr. Gundry (and his take on how Lectins in foods are bad), to listening to Dr. David Sinclair (a scientist who works in human genetics and the molecules and practices for living longer), to Ayurvedic yogi’s and I think I came up with a good balance between all of them. I am not giving up coffee or running any marathons this year but I think if I just eat less red meat and drink a few less glasses of wine that would be a really good start!

The second item on my list is just saying no. Let me explain. Throughout the last couple years, I had started projects with people, or took on jobs that I really do not want to do anymore. I have always told myself that since I agreed to them, I had to see them through to completion. But the truth is that I am not the same person as I was when I first started those projects, nor am I that same someone who would agree to take on a job simply because it is a friend asking. Although it sounds harsh, I realize now that by spending time on those jobs and projects that I am not excited about, I am taking time away from endeavors that I really care about, including the planned ones I have yet to start. This year is to prioritize my creative ideas. I still have a day job and I still have a family that needs me but I also have a dream to bring something useful and interesting to people who share my interests. I have plans to write a book on Tarot, I want to work with a designer to create a deck – but I know the satisfaction of completing something I really care about will only happen if I can prioritize my time. I know that to make my passion into a reality I am going to have work my butt off; do the research and spend time creating my vision. Time in this reality is the most important currency after all, and what we do with it matters a great deal.

So, there we have it… easier said than done, in fact rather than hardcore workouts or interacting with others, these resolutions are more about the fights I will have to win with myself, for self- love, confidence and my ability to allocate my time and efforts properly, I suppose only time will tell if I am successful – you will have to stay tuned!!

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