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Manifestation and the Law of Giving and Receiving

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

The holiday season is upon us which means giving and receiving has become front and centre in our minds. Many people do not spend time thinking about the universal laws that surround the acts of giving and receiving, at least not in the way I am going to break it down right now. When we give we usually feel good, often this is the same when we receive. But is there a relationship between how much we receive based on how much we give? Oftentimes we want to receive gifts, abundance, happiness etc. but do we give these things? Even more importantly, if we do give these things, do we do it purely to receive something back or do we do it because we enjoy the acts in and of themselves and how they make others feel?

Giving and receiving are one and the same simply appearing as two sides of the same coin.

To answer these questions, perhaps it is better to approach this Universal law as a mindset; the intentions behind the actions one takes are vibrational, we operate as a transceiver to the universe, and if you were to see the universe as a giant mirror, it only makes sense that the exact same intentions manifest, will come back, thus, if our intentions are good, the good will come back.

There are those who are giving but producing more struggle and lack

If intentions are off, however, the acts are meaningless regardless of how great they are. The return on those acts will only be as much as the intentions behind them, no matter how much you want a return to match your acts. This is as much the case with persons whom you give greatly too that are extremely important to you such as family and friends as it is a perfect stranger. The emotions you feel for someone may drive your intentions but not necessarily. The waters may seem muddy in this respect but the human experience is messy, our relationships, intentions and acts are all circumstantial – the people, places, traditions and personal moods being experienced play such a huge role in how we behave, how we feel, think and ultimately our decisions and the intentions that are set for each of them.


So, what might be useful in terms of setting yourself in alignment with abundance, with a happier state of being? Being aware of yourself is key, understanding what drives your emotions and then being able to reason with yourself to temper base reactions that ultimately do not serve you.


Being open to receiving matters equally as much in the Universal Law of giving and receiving. Are you comfortable receiving compliments? gifts? or love? if not, then you need to find out why not and think about how to change this, thereby changing your output frequency. This brings me to another point that is all too important – Gratitude.

I am grateful for every moment in my journey

Gratitude is a practice that goes beyond a fleeting emotion – spend a minute or two in concentration each day, specifically on what you have to be grateful for, you will find that your mood and wellbeing will shift into a more positive state thereby setting your frequency on par with receiving.

I am made of the universe and it is within me as it is all around me

And last but not least. How do you speak to yourself? Have you ever bumped your head on a cupboard door and cracked some unkind comment to yourself? Or struggled to do something seemingly simple and then chastised yourself for not being able to do it? This is common, but what if you were staring in a mirror and the image staring back was a small 7-year-old child? Would you be so harsh to the child? Probably not…but why is this? What is your self-image, have you ever tried to pinpoint what you look like to yourself? Then forgive yourself for being unkind to you. Being kind to oneself in thought sends out intention; the frequency of harmony; respect and self-love. This is often the hardest hurdle to achieve but it is all in a day’s work when you are trying to manifest abundant returns using the Universal Law of giving and receiving.

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