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An Overview of Chinese Astrology

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Chinese astrology is a 5000-year-old art, my astrology-loving friends! and we are going to discuss it a little right now!

The History of Chinese Astrology

Animal signs in Chinese Zodiac correspond to every year of the lunar calendar based on a twelve-year cycle. The animals were selected during the rule of Han Dynasty, between 202 BC – 220 AD, and the animal years decided on carried the names according to the corresponding Earthly Branch symbol, such as Zi Rat, Chou Ox, Yin Tiger, Mao Rabbit, Chen Dragon, Si Snake, Wu Horse, Wei Sheep, Shen Monkey, You Rooster, Xu Dog, and Hai Pig.

The origins of the number twelve in Chinese zodiac are related to traditional Chinese astrology and astronomy. There was an observance of 12 full moons within a year and regarded the number 12 as the number put forth by the will of Heaven. Consequently, one Ji is 12 years, one year is 12 months, and one day has 12 shi chen time periods. From there, there was the creation of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese calendar.

Like other systems, the Chinese horoscope dating system was created for counting years and is now a widely accepted system based on the Gregorian calendar. Ox, rooster, pig, horse, dog, and goat are domestic animals raised by people, while tiger, dragon, rat, rabbit, monkey, and snake are animals loved by the Chinese people.

The Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs


Rodents are beguiling and alluring. Yet, despite outside appearances, they can be nervous and occasionally forceful. People born under the sign of the rat are extraordinary with cash and love to jump on opportunities. They are additionally generous with their companions. They love spending time with either just one other or within enormous social gatherings and consistently have others around them.


Bulls are quiet on a superficial level; however, they have deep tempers. They are diligent employees and are resolved to the point of determination. Nonetheless, this makes them one of the most trustworthy signs. They are reliable and grounded; effectively being able to climb in the workplace. They might not spend a lot of time in the public eye but on the off chance that they do - lookout! They make a splash. They are not really into mind games and can find them very off-putting.


Tigers are energetic and eccentric. They are often engaged in giving their time and cash to causes they are enthusiastic about. They are liberal and forthright. Nonetheless, they can also instigate a revolt if they feel it is warranted!. They care about opinions and the truth so if they think something is off, they will defy the status quo if they see that someone is behaving or speaking off base. They are passionate and indiscreet at times, sometimes inclined to emotions like envy.


Rabbits are generous and delicate. They worship the calm and serene, favouring a decent book to an evening to remember - the introvert. Their sensitivities can prompt testiness, however, regularly Rabbits are extraordinary at keeping the peace. While they hush up on a superficial level, Rabbits are good at finding a bargain. They are sweet and can convince individuals to ally with them on issues they feel strongly about, this speaks to their ability to negotiate human emotion well. While they are wary in general, they can likewise be amicable and welcoming once they have developed a sense of security.


Dragons have fire. They are loaded with life and need to make every second count. They are a bit fussy at times and ask a lot of themselves as well as other people. They hate being contradicted even though they are faithful to their friends. They can be difficult; however, they will tell you how they feel - honesty is big with them. They trust themselves to be reliable and loveable, and they endeavour to persuade everybody to live up to their principles.


Snakes are puzzling, enchanting and mysterious. They are smooth talkers and tend towards everything epic and social. In private they like to go within - this is where they draw their confidence but are often quite eccentric about everything. They like money and often have cash close by. Snakes are prone to jealousy in relationships and turn cold if they feel they are being done dirty.


Horses are friendly and inviting people. Nonetheless, they have flexible loyalties at times and will sometimes like flirtations and fairweather friends. They appreciate change and lead their lives loaded with experiences. They don't care for feeling safe all the time and love all the excitement life has to offer.


Sheep are tranquil individuals. They identify with others' feelings and problems. People born under this zodiac are easy to talk to and don't like heated conversations. They don't care for harsh words and love to be handled with care. While they might seem a bit aloof at times, they are likewise very persistent, and by and large, they often get their way.


Monkeys are natural and astute. They are active problem solvers and have a lot of self-confidence. They appreciate winning and overcoming difficult challenges - never needing convincing that they should take one on! The wellspring of their prosperity is their extraordinary memory. They make diligent employees and couldn't care less about what others think of them.


Chickens are sentimental people. They are sticklers and visionaries at the same time. Speedy and detail-oriented, they generally love a test - even if it looks outlandish from the outset. They invest wholeheartedly in knowing all the subtleties of a subject that piques their interest and are also incredible debaters. Notwithstanding, they will never confess to being wrong. In general, they often go out of their way in an attempt to tackle issues, regardless of whether others have asked them to step in and handle the issue!


Dogs are friendly and are consistently straight-up about their feelings. They are family-oriented and are amazingly faithful to their friends. They will do battle if they feel it is a worthy cause. They are often uncomfortable around extreme opulence and favour a loving home - the simple pleasures in life; paying little heed to economic wellbeing. When you become close to someone born under the sign of the Dog you can rest assured the friendship with last forever. They are often known to love monogamy and will, in general, pick their sweethearts carefully. They work hard and play hard, knowing the right place and time for both these activities.


Pigs love being in the public eye. They have many friends, and will in general, avoid heated conversations in a wide array of topics. It isn't so much that they don't have an opinion; they just love to party and don't want to jeopardize the good times. They are happy in a group setting but sometimes have a hard time speaking up. They also can be a bit gullible at times, because they are so trusting which can often lead to disappointment when they realize that someone has not been on the level with them.

Ancient Legend

There are many legends about the creation of the Chinese horoscope, but the one most commonly accepted is talks about the Jade Emperor (in Chinese folklore he is known as The Emperor in Heaven) and his mandate that animals be designated for each calendar sign. The emperor said that the first 12 animals to arrive before him on the following day would be included and designated as Chinese Zodiac signs. The rat and the cat upon hearing this decided to go to the palace together. But the next day the rat forgot about what they had decided upon and set off to the meeting place alone.

On the way there, the rat realized that other animals were running much faster than he so he made a deal with the ox, saying that he would sing to him if he carried him to the palace on his back. The ox reached the palace before the other animals, so it was at that point that the rat slid off his back and became the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac, with ox being in second place. The rat’s friend, the cat, missed the selection because he arrived too late, and legend has it that this is why cats and rats are enemies.

This concludes my Chinese astrology zodiac signs overview. So now you understand the necessary details of Chinese Astrology, have fun searching for your Chinese sign now!

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