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History of Ambrosia Tarot

Hello! My name is Isabell. I am the creator of Ambrosia Tarot. AMBROSIA was the nectar of the gods (Greek: νέκταρ néktar *nek-, "death" [or rebirth], and -*tar, "overcoming" [triumph]), and the pomegranate is synonymous with ambrosia as well as the story of DEMETER who provides an excellent juxtaposition to the essence that is ambrosia; i.e. the notions around the cycles of life. This endeavor is dedicated to, and a manifestation of, my relationship with the universe; a rebirth onto a spiritual path, focusing on being in alignment with its positive vibrations; going forward with determination, in an attempt to help those who present themselves to me and triumph over those obstacles and fears they face.


A little about me


Photo Of Grandma From The 1940's

I am a writer and editor, a Leo sun, Aries Moon and Cancer rising. My pursuits outside of my day job include spiritualism, world religions, art, history, exploring nature and the culinary arts.

Mediumship runs in my family on my mother's side and I have been reading tarot for over 20 YEARS

This part of my life has always been very private until now. However, the tarot and my spiritual development walk hand in hand, each day presenting a new opportunity for learning and personal growth; opening up to the public on media was the next step in my journey. Having been guided to take on this path, I will do my best to stay true to myself and those who seek out my help.

YouTube channel

YouTube is a fantastic avenue for readings; I often watch other readers and enjoy their content immensely. In times of great difficulty, I find their words often give me comfort and hope and so, I aspire to do the same for those who choose to follow my own channel. At the end of each month, I post readings for the coming month, for each sign. I will also endeavour to upload mid-month check-in's (love & career). The schedule and all the information are listed on my channel!

General readings sign by sign!